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The News-Chronicle is a semi-weekly newspaper serving Shippensburg, Pa. and surrounding communities. Located at 825 W. King St., Front, Shippensburg, The News-Chronicle has a storied past and a bright future. Our story began in 1844, when the first edition of the Shippensburg News was published. We have been publishing in Shippensburg ever since.

Every day, we make it our business to cover the communities we serve. From breaking news to features, from local government to sports, we live and breathe Shippensburg.

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The News-Chronicle’s story began in Shippensburg on April 26, 1844.

The first edition of The Weekly News was published on that date. The publication was renamed The Shippensburg News in 1855 and was combined in 1927 with The Shippensburg Chronicle (established in 1875) to form The News-Chronicle.

Longtime Shippensburg resident and local historian the late Dr. John Fague writes in his memoir, “Do You Remember?,” that the very first edition of The News-Chronicle was published on Sept. 6, 1927 at the business’ 19 W. King St. location.

“Instead of each paper printing one issue a week there was now The News-Chronicle published on Tuesday and Friday,” Fague writes. “Otto Block, the editor of The News became the first editor of The News-Chronicle and Elizabeth Rolar, the former editor of The Chronicle became the associate editor.”

The newspaper moved to 6-10 N. Penn St. in 1932. In 1960 the operation moved again, from North Penn Street to its former location at 1011 Ritner Highway, taking ownership of what used to be “Kit” Carson’s Buick Garage. In 2007, the building was sold and the newspaper remained as a tenant until moving to its 22 E. King St. location in October 2008.

The office is currently located at 825 W. King St., Front, next to Asian Taste and Pizza Hut.

The News-Chronicle now publishes on Thursdays each week. In 2005, the newspaper launched its Weekend Edition, which is sent to over 10,000 readers weekly.

The News-Chronicle purchased Newville’s Valley Times-Star newspaper in 1948, and the Sample News Group acquired both papers when it purchased The News-Chronicle in October of 2002.

The Valley Times-Star, a publication with its own history since 1858, is distributed in Newville every Wednesday, adhering to the practice of bringing its hometown readers news and information that is available through no other format.