Voters have a decision to make on Election Day next Tuesday — whether they want to be represented in the U.S. Senate by a dedicated public servant, or a snake oil-selling carpetbagger.

Dr. Mehmet Oz — a con man who made it big by advertising quack remedies for real ailments on his daytime TV show — is not who we want representing Pennsylvania in the Senate.

During his time on the “Dr. Oz Show,” Oz made fraudulent claims about topics ranging from weight-loss supplements to miracle cold and flu cures. If we cannot trust him to tell us the truth about weight-loss pills, how can we trust him in the senate?

One would think that living in Pennsylvania would be an important prerequisite for running to become its next Senator — but apparently Oz does not agree. He is nothing more than a carpetbagger who saw an open race and decided to hop over from New Jersey to Pennsylvania.

Oz has repeatedly and shamefully mocked his opponent, John Fetterman for his recovery from a stroke in May. As disgusting it is for anyone to do such a thing, for a retired heart surgeon to engage in such vile behavior is truly sickening.

How many Pennsylvanians have suffered from a stroke? How many of your loved ones have walked along that tough road to recovery? Would you vote for someone who mocked their recovery? Is that the sort of representation you want in Congress?

I would prefer someone who is actually fighting to make healthcare affordable for every Pennsylvanian. John Fetterman is the man for that job, not Mehmet Oz or whatever anti-Medicare stooge the GOP decides to run.

Fetterman is on a path to full recovery, but Mehmet Oz will always be a fraudulent, ignorant opportunist trying to con Pennsylvania. Make sure you do your civic duty on Election Day, Nov. 8, and send Oz back to his mansion in New Jersey.

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