A note to the Never-Trumpers, former Republicans and “moderate” Democrats. The Bushes, McCains, Kristols who think things will go back to “normal” if they can just replace Trump. Things will not go back to the good old days. Biden is not a moderate. He says now he is not a Socialist, but he and his team spent months with Sen. Bernie Sanders, a proud Socialist, working on a Joint Policy Recommendation (July 8, 2020) and agreement.

Many of today’s Democratic leaders behind Biden openly support socialism. Think Venezuela, Cuba. Do you want to be part of a party that wants to undo Trump’s border policies, a party that wants to get rid of fossil fuels, thus energy independence, a party where your 2nd Amendment rights will be in jeopardy, where any time of an abortion is held up as a sacred right, where your taxes will go up for “redistribution of wealth” and more?

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