The upcoming U.S. Senate election in Pennsylvania is one of the most important in the nation. As a resident of Cumberland County, I am proud to support Dr. Oz in this race.

Dr. Oz is a unifier. He genuinely cares for the interests of all Pennsylvanians, especially those who are often scorned by the elites. Dr. Oz will help bring down gas and energy prices by making Pennsylvania a leader in energy production again – a key element to bringing manufacturing back to Pennsylvania. Dr. Oz will defend our constitutional rights. He will fund our police and support local communities, while his opponent, John Fetterman, is supported by groups that want to defund the police.

Most importantly, Dr. Oz will treat every voter with respect. Oz doesn’t insult voters by dressing up in a cartoonish caricature of the working class. Instead, Oz engages in genuine voter outreach. He has walked the streets hardest hit by our drug epidemic, helping opioid addicts get treatment on the spot.

From downtown Philly to rural Pennsylvania, Dr. Oz has listened to us – the people – promising we will not be forgotten. In the upcoming Senate election in Pennsylvania, the choice is clear. Don’t vote for the insulting, unserious campaign of John Fetterman. Vote for a unifier in Dr. Oz.


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