I am writing in response to your 5/28/2020 cover story. Whether intentional or not, the cover story politicizes the situation by shifting the focus to “Freedom” versus Gov. Wolf, which fails to address the elephant in the room -- public health. As of June 6, 39 Franklin County residents, 5,931 Pennsylvanians, 109,192 Americans, and 392,802 people worldwide have died from COVID-19; therefore, demonstrating the reality of this “non-deadly” virus, as one respondent put it. That anyone would be uninformed enough to suggest the virus is not deadly demonstrates the danger of the bait-and-switch tactics used by Sen. Mastriano, as well as other speakers during the protest. It is ironic that Mastriano, in an attempt to earn points with voters, would suggest that the governor was “power-hungry” and “out of control” when President Trump used tear gas on peaceful protesters for a June 1 photo opp, awkwardly holding a Bible. Mastriano knows from this Ph.D. in history, as well as earning the rank of colonel in the U.S. Army, that tear gas was banned as a war time weapon in the Geneva Protocol of 1925. Additionally, he is an active church goer; so as a constituent, I am curious what his thoughts are on this. Let us not throw out the baby with the bathwater. It is important to protect our health and our freedom; yet the protest seemed to portray this as mutually exclusive.

What is the point of freedom, if no one is looking out for our health?

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