I recently read your article about the Shippensburg Prom. Or should I say about Ms. Ridgway’s business. It is wonderful that the community is trying to put something together for the kids, however the article read as if it was a front-page advertisement for RE/MAX Prestige. It appears that she is doing this solely to benefit herself. Furthermore, when I found their event page on Facebook, she is encouraging the kids not to wear masks and to just pretend that we aren’t still in the middle of a pandemic.

I also have to assume, with a class size of over 200, there will be significantly more than the 250-person limit on gatherings. Social distancing also could never be implemented at a DANCE. Ms. Ridgway is putting our community at risk by hosting this event in the manner that she is doing. She obviously knows this as well if she is having minors sign liability waivers. I am sure there are safer alternatives than a large gathering in the middle of a pandemic. Even if it means allowing the graduating class to attend the 2021 prom. I urge her and her committee to rethink their ideas.

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