Walter Nolt of Nolt’s Power Equipment in Shippensburg reminds everyone to have their lawn mowers serviced as mowing season begins.

“The most important thing is that they get them serviced, whether they do it themselves or have a local lawn equipment shop do it for them,” he said.

Nolt said changing the oil and replacing the air filter are the two most overlooked and obvious service items for mowers.

“A lot of times, the mower gets taken out of the shed, the gas is checked and if it starts and runs, they may use it without thinking of the oil that may have leaked out or the filter plugged up with last summer’s dust,” he added.

Nolt noted it is important to service mowers before every mowing season. It is also important to service other areas of the mower during mowing season.

He said sharpening blades is one. Most manufacturers recommend sharpening blades every 20 hours, however he noted that varies greatly with the condition of the lawn.

Nolt added belts should be checked, and proper air pressure in the tires, which can affect the quality of the cut.

“It’s also important to grease,” he said. “A lot of tractors need to be greased at least every season. We see mowers come to the shop that have not been greased.”

Nolt, who founded the business in 1989, said it is more important to purchase mowers from a shop that can service the particular brand of the equipment.

“Our goal is to provide world class products with hometown service,” he added, noting how important good service is. “The most important thing we offer is full service for all of the brands we sell, including warranty service. We provide priority service to the brands we sell. However, we will repair most brands providing there are still parts available for them.”

Nolt noted service dealers will often trade old mowers, and give customers credit toward a new one, “something they won’t find at big box stores.”

Nolt’s carries a host of equipment brands including Husqvarna, Simplicity Lawn and Garden, Grasshopper Mowers, Echo Power Products, Walker Mowers, the Snapper line, BCS tillers and Avant mini wheel loaders.

Nolt’s Power Equipment is located at 994 Ridge Road in Shippensburg. The phone number is (717) 423-6300. A second location, Perry Power Equipment, is located at 3720 Shermans Valley Road in Loysville. The phone number is (717) 789-3532.

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