Forensics Lab

Cutting-edge technology to help aid in solving crime was unveiled Tuesday at the Cumberland County Forensics Lab.


Processing crime scene evidence, analyzing fingerprints and digital data, and screening samples for controlled substances are all part of the forensic work done by the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Forensic Laboratory. The Cumberland County District Attorney and County Commissioners Tuesday unveiled the newly improved forensic lab showcasing the work of its forensic analysts.

“So many cases have been solved using cutting-edge technology,” said Cumberland County District Attorney Seán McCormack, “Combine that with the talented forensic analysts and it allows me to prioritize cases and take them to court, allowing the victims of the crimes closure.”

The county’s lab is one of only four accredited labs in the state with cutting-edge science and technology providing forensic services to help law enforcement agencies solve crimes in the county.

The lab first opened in 2003 offering minimal forensic services to municipalities. With grant monies allotted to the county from Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD), the lab was able to expand its technology offering additional forensic services.

“My thanks to PCCD and the Cumberland County Commissioners for their support in assisting us in revitalizing a space that is a perfect fit for the lab,” added McCormack.

“In 2021 the county was able to establish a space for the forensic team and their technology to be in one place to work more efficiently,” said Commissioner Gary Eichelberger.

“Having this state-of-the-art lab provides the opportunity for the county to assist municipal police departments with forensic services in solving crimes,” said County Commissioner Jean Foschi.

“In addition to solving crimes, the lab also organizes the county-wide drug take back program allowing residents to dispose of expired medication safely,” said County Commissioner Vince DiFilippo.

The drug takeback system was established in 2015, and to date, more than 46,000 pounds of unwanted or unused medication has been disposed of properly, keeping the drugs out of the waterways and out of the hands of children.

The Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office Forensic Lab serves police departments in 16 municipalities across the county. The lab is responsible for analyzing a wide range of evidence collected from homicides, assaults, property crimes, DUI enforcement, and digital crimes against children.

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