Double Stabbing

Local police and emergency personnel were on the scene in the 100 block of Rustic Drive in Shippensburg Saturday morning after a Lemoyne woman repeatedly stabbed her roommate and then herself.


A Lemoyne woman, 47-year-old Brandyn “Brandy” Mills, faces attempted homicide and related charges after reportedly stabbing her roommate several times with scissors and large kitchen knives at a residence in the 100 block of Rustic Drive in Shippensburg, the morning of Sept. 25.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed in Magisterial District Judge H. Anthony Adams’ office, Pennsylvania State Police were called to the residence at 10 a.m. and found the victim “with several visible injuries and bleeding profusely.” He was taken to Penn State Holy Spirit Medical Center for treatment.

Police said Mills was sitting on the couch holding the knives, and did not obey multiple commands to put the weapons down. The affidavit said Mills then began stabbing herself in her chest, and police had to use a Taser to stop her.

She was taken into custody and transferred to York Hospital for treatment, where she is currently in the intensive care unit, police said. 

During a search, police found several pools of blood throughout the residence.

Neighbors told police they have heard screaming from the residence, and that Mills would threaten to kill the victim when she was intoxicated. She would also say she was going to kill herself. Police said they have been called to the residence multiple times in the last five years.

The victim told police he has known Mills for 20 years, and felt bad for her because she needed a place to stay. He said he didn’t know what set her off that morning, but he heard her screaming that someone took her kids. She then went into his bedroom, pulled a pair of scissors out from under her shirt and began stabbing him. He held up his arms to protect himself, and finally used his forearm to push her into a dresser to stop the assault. He also grabbed the scissors from her and threw them. He said Mills told him she would tell police he hit her, and he believed she was trying to kill him.

Mills was charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Once she is released from the hospital, Mills will be taken to jail where bail has been denied, police said. Online court records show a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 4 before Adams.

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