Teddy Bear Donation

Members of Pleasant Hall Fire Co. and Newburg-Hopewell Fire Co. hold small stuffed teddy bears donated by the Lurgan Township Lions Club. Pictured, from left, are: Lion Melvin Alleman, Sean Brown, Logan Gamble, Shawn Burnham, Mitchell Rine, Tom Rine, Lurgan Township Lions Club President Crystal Alleman, Jennifer Courtney, Jasmine Martin, Cheryl Rine and Jales Zook.   


Local children will have some comfort during emergencies thanks to the Lurgan Township Lions Club.

The Lions Club made a donation of small stuffed teddy bears to the Pleasant Hall Fire Co. and Newburg-Hopewell Fire Co. last Wednesday evening in the Lions Club parking lot in Roxbury.

Pleasant Hall Fire Co. received 20 of the bears and Newburg-Hopewell Fire Co. received 10 bears.

Crystal Alleman, president of Lurgan Township Lions Club said, “This is just one of the many service projects that we do for the community. We have 50 bears to distribute, 30 here tonight, and the other 20 will go to the departments in Shippensburg.”

Fire Chief Tom Rine of Pleasant Hall Fire Co. said, “Thank you to the Lurgan Township Lions Club for the donation of bears. We will place them in both ambulances, and use them in times of need for little children in emergencies, as a way to comfort a small child.”

Lt. Sean Brown with Newburg-Hopewell Fire Co. said, “This is a very nice donation and a big thank you to the Lurgan Township Lions Club. We will place these on our medical assist truck, and use them when needed. Actually, [the teddy bears] are pretty cute.”




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