On May 25 and 26, the Shippensburg Historical Society welcomed 200 eighth-graders from Shippensburg Area Middle School for a morning of programs and activities related to Shippensburg history and historical interpretation. The students cycled through four stations during their visits, including a tour of the Stewart House, a historical interpretation workshop, and frontier life and blacksmithing living history presentations.

Students reported that while all stations were engaging, the interpretation workshop was their favorite “because we got to be creative.” The teachers who accompanied the students were likewise entertained, as the program had undergone changes since the last time many attended, and even they were able to learn something new about their community’s history.

Executive Director John Miller planned the events. With the aid of his two interns from Shippensburg University and volunteers, he successfully executed an engaging program for the students and teachers of SAMS. While it was the last two full days of school for the eighth-graders, SHS staff noted the high interest and curiosity of students, as well as their remarkable attention and compelling questions. The following day, Miller and his interns were presented with a thank you card from the eighth-grade Social Studies teacher that was signed by many students. The card, as well as drawings left by students, and knowledge that they were able to share their love for history again, brought smiles to the Shippensburg Historical Society staff.

For more information on upcoming events at the Shippensburg Historical Society, visit: https://www.shippensburghistoricalsociety.org/ You may also follow the historical society on Facebook and Twitter. The historical society is located at 52 W. King St. in Shippensburg, next to the post office.

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