A moving and sentimental presentation took place last Wednesday evening in the meeting room of the Southampton (Cumberland) Township Supervisors building.

Jordan Yost, 10, was presented a heroic plaque by Lt. John Yunk of Pennsylvania State Police-Carlisle, along with Trooper Scott Dojka, for his attempted heroic efforts of saving his grandfather from a swimming pool accident on May 3, at an Airport Road home. Supervisor Talon Landreth also presented Jordan with a certificate of bravery for his actions on behalf of the board.

Members of Jordan’s family; Shippensburg Area ALS & EMS staff including EMT’s Dan Shaffer and Patrick Flowers; Pennsylvania State Police; Lt. John Yunk and Trooper Scott Dojka; Township Supervisors Talon Landreth, Scott Mack and Charles “Butch” O’Donnell; and Township Zoning Officer Jerry Swope were present during the ceremony. EMT Beth Esielman and Paramedic Connie McGill of Shippensburg Area EMS & ALS were also on the call, but weren’t present at the meeting.

“In my 28 years of service, I would put your efforts pretty much at the top. You have chosen the right path in life and please keep it that way,” Yunk told Jordan.

Shaffer said, “After 30 years in this field, this incident hit me hard. I’m very proud of what you did.”

“On behalf of the supervisors, we are very honored to do this for you. Your heroic and brave efforts to save your grandfather were  recognized by us,” O’Donnell said.

Heroic efforts

Jordan recalled the events that led to his heroic efforts during the meeting.

On May 3, Jordan couldn’t find his grandfather, Richard “Rick” Yost.

After looking for him in the house and around the yard, Jordon found him in the swimming pool, unresponsive. 

Jordan said, “After finding him in the pool, I called 911, then I jumped into the pool with all my clothes on and held his head up out of the water for some time until the emergency people arrived.”

Both the Pennsylvania State Police and EMS personnel agreed that Jordan’s actions of attempting to hold his grandfather’s head above the water from drowning had a positive impact at one point.

Yunk said, “This was unfortunately an accidental death, but Jordan’s actions couldn’t go unnoticed.”

Jordan said, “I was very surprised about the award. My grandfather was very special to me, and I miss him.”

Family members and relatives expressed their feelings about Jordan’s actions.

His mother, Shannon said, “My son is an incredible person, and he did what he thought had to be done. I’m so very proud of him.”

Jim Shields, a friend of the family, said that Jardon is a “very unique individual.”

His uncle, Rick Yost, said, “He is amazing, I’m so proud of him.  His actions speak for him.”

His grandmother, Eileen Shields, said, “He did a wonderful job for a bad situation.”

Kelly Miller added, “He is a wonderful young man.”

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