The Cumberland County Board of Commissioners has reached an agreement with Allaire Health Services of Lakewood, New Jersey, to transfer operations and to sell the Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (CNRC). As part of the agreement, Allaire Health Services will be assisting with the day-to-day operations, including increasing staffing and resident population while completing its due diligence prior to closing. Due diligence should be completed in 45 days and includes the inspection of the facility and its operating systems.

During the public Cumberland Board of Commissioners’ Finance Meeting on Wednesday, the commissioners moved to designate Allaire as the next owner by a 2-1 vote, with Commissioners Gary Eichelberger and Vince DiFilippo supporting, and Commissioner Jean Foschi voting against.

“Allaire Health Services is honored to partner with Cumberland County to advance services at Claremont. We are excited to begin our work with the county team, getting to know staff and forging relationships with residents, said R. Kyle Kramer, Allaire Chief Strategy Officer. “We are fully committed to the ongoing success of Claremont, and we are investing in its future - in the administrative and clinical team, in the facility, and in the community.”

Commissioners expect the closing to be completed by early fall, with a sale price of $22.2 million. The 3.7-acre parcel includes all buildings currently part of the facility. The subdivision line is placed between the County’s Department of Public Safety Building and CNRC and generally follows the boundary of the buildings, parking areas, and driveways currently in place.

Cumberland County will retain ownership of the cemetery on the south side of Claremont, and the 1.74-acre parcel on the east side of Army Heritage Drive, leased to the Cumberland County Housing and Redevelopment Authority for the Valley Ridge Apartments.

Allaire and county representatives will be holding onsite meetings over the next several days with employees, residents, and family members to learn about Allaire’s plans for Claremont. Allaire will hold more specific meetings regarding benefits and other employment matters in the near future.

“We have studied the population and the activities of local and regional hospitals and will tailor programs to ensure that our residents receive the best possible services while also enjoying an environment that is second to none. Allaire is committed to being a strong partner to the county and the broader community, and we look forward to great things to come,” added Kramer.

Allaire was founded by CEO Benjamin Kurland in 2015. The company currently operates four facilities, three in New Jersey, Allaire Rehab and Nursing, Morris View Healthcare Center, Morristown Post Acute Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, and Grandview Nursing and Rehabilitation in Danville, Pennsylvania.

In recent decades, the Claremont facility has operated on an “enterprise” or self-sustaining basis, through Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements and other direct care-related revenues. Rising costs of care and stagnating or declining revenues from federal and state sources have diminished the financial reserves of Claremont over time, despite efforts by the commissioners in recent years to reverse the decline.

Read more in next week's Valley Times-Star and News-Chronicle newspapers.

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