Dance Academy XIV is celebrating 10 years of business by bringing a special event to the community of Shippensburg -- a Dance Festival with lots of dancing, children’s activities, food and vendors.

The Dance Festival will be in celebration of the academy’s 10-year anniversary.

“Celebrating 10 years of business is just so surreal,” Owner Amanda Chesnut said. “It doesn't feel like we should be at this point yet, or that we’ve gotten that much older! But then I look at some of the students that started with us and they’re now married, with careers and children... and we have some students now that weren’t even born when the studio opened, and that is just so strange and exciting that we’ve made it this far!”

The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, June 5, at the Shippensburg Fairgrounds on Possum Hollow Road.

There is a cost for admission. 

The festival will feature performances of ballet, hip-hop, tap, jazz, acrobat, Bollywood, worship dance, modern, contemporary, musical theater and more.

“I actually had the idea last year to do an outdoor festival, but we were still shut down during our recital season,” Chesnut said. “Heading into this year with so much uncertainty about what indoor events would look like, hosting something outdoors seemed like a safer option, and after such a hard year, I really wanted to host something that would bring not just the studio, but the community together.”

With COVID-19 restrictions loosening up since vaccines have been administered, events are finally a thing to enjoy again.

“I think one of the most unexpected ways that COVID affected me was I now have a paralyzing fear of planning events,” said Chesnut. “Everything we’ve planned for the past year, we’ve had to adjust or cancel often due to last minute changes in policies and mandates. So, the fact that this festival actually is happening and that the restrictions are going down instead of up beforehand is such a breath of fresh air.”

“We’re hoping to have it just be a day of fun and bringing the community together,” she added. “We have so many amazing vendors, and a great variety of them! Then to have the community be able to see what it is we do is also exciting! No matter what time someone arrives, they will see something special on stage, whether it be a 3-year-old’s first dance on stage, a senior’s last time, one of our award-winning routines from competition or nine months of hard work in a classroom finally coming to fruition. Each dance on that stage will be an opportunity to witness a special moment in the life of our community’s young people and that is worth coming out for!”

Dancers are also very much looking forward to performing at the event.

“There’s lots of excitement to be back on stage again, regardless of the venue,” said Chesnut. “But I think them having a whole event like this makes it even better.”

There will not be any sponsors for the event, but volunteers have happily stepped up.

“Just lots of studio volunteer families and teachers will be helping the day of the event, and I appreciate all their help,” she noted.

Vendors will include: LTQ Custom Creations, Modern Relics and Treasures, Serenity Baskets, Sass and Sensibility, Chi & Co, Linda’s Crafts, Leanne’s Luxurious Kitchen (Pampered Chef), J&M Cups, Meraki CR Arts, Hoggology, MAZ Creations, SMH Designs, Redneck Dogs, Swartz Subz, Nanner Bananer Bakery, Breadbasket, Mama’s Dine and Dash, Learning with Grammy Hands, Donna’s Dare to Dazzle, Kim Wise Color Street, Hawk’s Freshies, Debbie’s Kitchen Creations, Kendra Harvey Country Scents, Park Lane Jewelry, Ester King, Tiffany Cavallaro, Face painting, Whimsical Treasures, Happy Dandelion, Whimsical Whatnots & Leelan Vinyl Designs, Huckleberry Lemonade and Crossroad Creations.

To learn more about Dance Academy XIV, visit:, or:

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