Members of the Shippensburg Kiwanis Club donated $500 to the Jeffrey W. & Jo Anne R. Coy Public Library at their meeting on Tuesday evening. 

Kiwanis Club members have supported the library for many years, because of their commitment to foster a love of reading in both children and adults. The library provides many wonderful services to the community, and most recently held their Summer of Reading program for families where more than 100 children and adults participated. 

Executive Director Jody Cole said the library is working to get back to a normal program schedule, which was halted due to COVID, but she is optimistic that programming has increased and will continue to increase in the future, which will allow her staff to offer a variety of programs to the community.

“We have been back out in the community, which has been great,” Cole said. “We helped with Reading Rainbow this year, Family Fun Day and most recently, we were able to hold Kindergarten Registration here at the library, which we hadn’t done since COVID. That was fun because not only did the kids get library cards, but their parents were able to get library cards as well if they wanted, and a lot of them did. That was exciting for us!” 

She said there are also a lot of new folks moving into the area, which brings more people into the library. 

“All-in-all, we had approximately 400 different programs taking place in 2021 with about 7,000 people attending those programs so we’re really pleased about that and what the future looks like moving forward,” Cole said.

Cole also talked about the new green space beside the library, which is coming along very well. 

A new brick wall was recently constructed in front of the green space, along with a new sidewalk. Once completed, Cole said the area will be used for library programming and also for the community to use for different functions. The sidewalk opened on Tuesday for the community to use, and benches donated by the Kiwanis Club will be added later this month, as will tables and chairs for public use. 

“We are very excited to finish this project so the community can come and use the space,” Cole said.  


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