Reportedly, we’re “seeing light at the end of the tunnel” when it comes to COVID, what with the “alleged” availability of vaccines and the fact that we’ve been hunkered down – to a degree – for more than a year.

This information doesn’t offer much reassurance to anyone who has discovered that the bright spot gleaming up ahead is indeed an oncoming locomotive with no brakes.

If the light is a star of hope, can we start looking back on the year as a thing of the past or does “if things can get worse, they will” take over?

Anyway, we’ve been deprived of so much “normal” life that it just may be time to look ahead to that bright light and forget the locomotive.

Won’t it be nice to enjoy a concert at Luhrs Center again? Are you past due for a current flick on the big screen? Remember plays at The Totem Pole? Wouldn’t a crowded gym for a Hounds or Raiders game be a welcome change? Do you miss local parades?

When did you last hug anyone or hold a friend’s baby? Have you been able to meet with your old friends for lunch lately? Did you take any trips last year or was every place you wanted to visit closed because of COVID? Did you ever think you’d go an entire year without shaking someone’s hand?

It’s been rough. We had to “get used to it” on way too many levels in 2020.

No matter how deeply the pandemic has affected you and your loved ones, everyone has had to contend with the changes it caused.

Personally, I’m having a difficult time getting used to something that had no connection to COVID and its restrictions.

I miss someone I’d never met, but he was a guest in my home nearly every weeknight for decades. Although he stayed only a half-hour and I never once offered him a snack or beverage, he kept coming back. Always impeccably attired and perfectly groomed, he was very well-spoken and obviously well-read. His flawless enunciation added to his aura of sophistication. He aged well over the years and occasionally sported some form of facial hair. It always enhanced his good looks.

But one evening, he announced that he was not well, having been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I think I started mourning at that moment, having lost several dear ones to the insidious disease.

Alex Trebek continued to host “Jeopardy!” until 10 days prior to his death. There was no one like him.

Now the show is looking for a new host. Seems like an impossible task! How does anyone follow Alex Trebek?

All-time champ Ken Jennings guest hosted for six weeks or so. He did a good job and was followed by the show’s executive producer, Mike Richards, who also did a good job.

My favorite has been Katie Couric. Her smile and enthusiasm added a nice touch to the seriousness of the difficult clues.

This week’s guest host is Dr. Oz. I’m not impressed.

So much has changed over the past 12 months that we’re still adjusting. That includes adjusting to “Jeopardy!” without Alex.

No one said it would be easy.


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