ODD: It was probably 8:30 or so on New Year’s Eve when suddenly I realized that there wasn’t a 2021 calendar in the house.

In previous years, calendars came from many organizations and businesses to the point that there was one for each room of the abode, needed or not, mostly not. But there must be a current calendar readily available. That’s where I can jot down appointments and upcoming events, but even more importantly where I can learn what day it is.

And here we are, in the first full week of the new year and December 2020 is still hung on the fridge. What happened to all those free calendars that used to arrive in the nick of time? Evidently, I didn’t buy enough or donate enough to warrant even one in 2020.

I could print off a calendar, but the truth is, I like the glossy photos on those freebies, especially the ones with flowers or scenic shots of national parks and such. So I’ve put “scenic calendar” on my list of needs and wants. Resolution: Buy a new calendar before the end of 2021.

END: There were CDs for me under the Christmas tree. Nice, except that we’ve had more than a little trouble with CD players lately. A friend reminded me that I can use the DVD player to listen to CDs, so I put the nephew in charge of that. (Let’s face it. I’m technologically disabled.) Surprise! The DVD player doesn’t work either! I carted the boom box up from the basement where I’d been using it to listen to John Prine while I did laundry, found an available outlet near the computer that unceremoniously ate the Josh Groban Christmas CD and inserted my new Lukas Nelson disc. In seconds I was enjoying new tunes.

A few days later, a shopping trip was necessary and I took another new disc to the car.

As I buckled in, I handed the disc to Nephew. “Play this, please. I’m eager to hear it.”

He pushed a couple of buttons and nothing happened. “It won’t open,” he said. “It has to!” I responded, not exactly in the calmest tone. “Try again,” I demanded. The player opened and out popped a disc, which he put in its proper place, and inserted the new Avett Brothers disc. It sounded wonderful! I silently told myself to make sure to remove the disc when we got home just in case some unforeseen tragedy should occur and the disc

be destroyed. A week later and the disc is still in the car CD player. Resolution: Work on the memory!

ODD: Miss Willow received three fine Christmas toys. She seems to be afraid of one, very much likes the second and refuses to have anything to do with the third. We’ve tried to convince her that she should “try it, you’ll like it,” but to no avail. She also received a couple of hats, one being a beret. She’s even more adorable than usual with them on her precious little head, but she hates both. This is the same cat that wiggled out of her snowman sweater on Christmas Eve. Is she a spoiled little brat-cat and can you return cat toys and hats to the store? Resolution: Stop buying cat accessories.

END: I’ll probably forget to buy a 2021 calendar next time I’m shopping, whether or not it’s on my list. I’ll also forget about memory improvement. As for not buying things for Willow, chances are that won’t happen either.

It’s gonna be a good year!


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