Maybe it’s because this coronavirus thing has everyone a tad edgy, but there have been a lot of things going on that make me want to scream and/or pound my fists into the wall.

Somehow the pledge of allegiance has become a point of contention. News flash: It’s not one of the 10 commandments and, as far as I know, the Apostle Paul didn’t mention it in any of his famous letters. The pledge of allegiance, as originally intended, did not contain the words “one nation under God.” It was written in 1892 by an ordained Christian minister, who was said to be a socialist. Oh, doesn’t that make your head explode? Didn’t think Christian and socialist were compatible, eh? The “under God” part was added in the mid-1950s when fear of the spread of Communism was reaching panic proportions. I guess those responsible for adding it thought God would notice and save the country from the godless commies. It is what it is, folks, and your bickering about it is annoying.

One of the most delicious parts of summer is fresh sweet corn. Personally, I’m partial to the bi-color variety. It’s so sweet and yummy that it needs only butter and salt and perhaps a sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper to taste heavenly. While I don’t oppose including fresh sweet corn in chowder, soups, succotash, etc., I am baffled by recipes claiming to enhance corn on the cob. It’s corn. It’s good. Slathering it with mayonnaise, coating it with cheese, adding chili powder, paprika, lime juice or any other adulterants is not necessary and can detract from the luscious flavor of the corn. Give the corn the respect it deserves! Don’t annoy us with your so-called improvements.

If we make it to the November election without losing our minds, it will be a true miracle.

Already there have been enough “vote for me” TV commercials, “I’m the best candidate” fliers in the mail, “you’ll die if he’s elected” Facebook posts, and yard signs that we’ve reached capacity. I’m so glad there’s a mute button on the TV remote so I don’t have to listen to them. But seeing as how I need to keep my eyes open to drive, and I do get the mail each day, I can’t avoid the signs and the fliers (which go straight into the shred basket). It’s overkill and it’s so annoying that it makes a body not even want to vote.

Nothing has caused as much ruckus as the mask thing. Talk about annoying! Granted, it has been confusing. At first, we were told they weren’t necessary. Then we were told that wearing them does make a difference and could help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Immediately, “experts” took exception to this new information, declaring that face coverings are absolutely no use. And the battle was on. “If you wear a mask it means you live in fear.” “If you don’t wear a mask you don’t care for others.” “If you wear a mask, you’re just a sheep.” “Wearing a mask infringes on my freedom.” “You can’t make me wear a mask because this is a free country.”

And on and on it goes to the point that it seems people just don’t like each other! We’ve all read stories about mask-wearers fighting with barefaced shoppers. We’ve read about barefaced shoppers physically attacking store employees who asked them to wear a mask. Really, people? Is it worth fighting and hating over a face covering? Either you wear one or you don’t. Just stop annoying us!

If we don’t change our, “I believe this way and you don’t therefore you’re a stupid, ungodly, heathen” attitude we may as well crawl into a cave and avoid all contact with other humans. And what fun would that be?

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