Newville VFW Post 6070

The Newville VFW Post 6070 in North Newton Township is being investigated for 'misappropriation of funds,' according to Pennsylvania State Police.

Former officers of the Newville VFW Post 6070 on Greenspring Road are being investigated due to “misappropriation of funds,” according to Pennsylvania State Police.

The post, which sits just outside of the borough in North Newton Township, was temporarily shut down in September by the Pennsylvania VFW Headquarters. Borough Manager Fred Potzer said Monday it has not been open since the closure.

Since Oct. 11, “the chain of command of the Newville Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #6070 have been separated from the establishment due to misappropriation of funds,” the PSP release issued on Nov. 3 states.

State Adjutant John Getz with the Pennsylvania VFW Headquarters refused to comment on the closure in September, and would only say it was shut down due to “administrative problems.” Getz has not returned several phone calls for comment on the matter since September. Pennsylvania State Police also did not return a phone call seeking further details. In September, police said they were not currently conducting an investigation at the VFW. The release did note police are conducting an ongoing investigation into the fraternal organization's finances.

In September, former commander William Morrow told The Valley Times-Star he was in the dark about the closure.

“I know nothing,” he said. “I was there. They came in, and said they were shutting the club down, and told everyone to leave. I was told nothing!”

Former employees of the VFW said in September they could not comment on the closure, and no one would comment on the record regarding the allegations.

New officers were reportedly installed last week to take over command of the post.

No further details were available by press time Tuesday.

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