The 2019-20 high school sports season will always be remembered for what didn’t take place on the field, but the Big Spring Athletic Department wanted to make sure that the tremendous accomplishments that Bulldog athletes did have, both on the field and in the classroom, are recognized and not forgotten.

In place of the usual end-of-year All Sports Banquet, Big Spring coaches instead presented the year-end awards virtually, with daily videos uploaded to the Big Spring Bulldogs Athletics Facebook page.

MVP and Sportsmanship Awards were presented for each of Big Spring’s fall and winter sports. For the spring sports canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic the respective coaches instead recognized each one of their seniors.

“While we cannot make up for your lost senior season, we do appreciate each athlete who has contributed their time here,” Big Spring High School Athletic Director Joe Sinkovich said in his opening.

Big Spring Athletic Boosters Vice President Jamie Gutshall and Treasurer Crystal Header announced the high school’s Male and Female Student Athlete of the Year June 10, with the awards going out to Gavin Pritchard (football and basketball) and Alli Frick (soccer and basketball), respectively. 

They also announced the Male and Female Scholar Athlete scholarship winners, Ian Ward (cross country, swimming, track) and Alex Kutulakis (field hockey, basketball, track).

The complete list of athletic award winners are listed below.


Scholar Athlete: Brock Piper

Basketball (Boys)

Most Valuable Player: Gavin Pritchard

Scholar Athlete: Brock Piper

Sportsmanship Award: Matt Ward

Basketball (Girls)

Most Valuable Player: Allison Frick

Scholar Athlete: Shelby Hoffeditz

Sportsmanship Award: Aleya Eisenberg


Most Valuable Player: Madicyn Barnes

Scholar Athlete: Madicyn Barnes

Sportsmanship Award: Brendon Morris-Dice

Cross Country (Boys)

Most Valuable Player: Matt Ward

Scholar Athlete: David Ronan

Sportsmanship Award: Dom Birosik

Cross Country (Girls)

Most Valuable Player: Gabrielle Reifsnyder

Scholar Athlete: Gabrielle Reifsnyder

Sportsmanship Award: Gabrielle Reifsnyder

Field Hockey

Most Valuable Player: Zoe Koser

Scholar Athlete: Alex Kutulakis

Sportsmanship Award: Haleigh Snyder


Most Valuable Player: Gavin Pritchard

Scholar Athlete: Ethan Hunt

Sportsmanship Award: Ethan Hunt


Most Valuable Player: Caleb Motter

Scholar Athlete: Addison Lay

Sportsmanship Award: Darren Neidigh

Soccer (Boys)

Most Valuable Player: Cace Oburn

Scholar Athlete: Luke Swartz

Sportsmanship Award: Carter Hall

Soccer (Girls)

Most Valuable Player: Allison Frick

Scholar Athlete: Jordyn Wolf

Sportsmanship Award: Jordyn Wolf

Swimming (Boys)

Most Valuable Player: Matthew Raudabaugh

Scholar Athlete: Ian Ward

Sportsmanship Award: Dom Birosik

Swimming (Girls)

Most Valuable Player: Mattea Penner

Scholar Athlete: Gabrielle Reifsnyder

Sportsmanship Award: Gabrielle Reifsnyder

Track and Field (Boys)

Scholar Athlete: Ethan Hunt

Track and Field (Girls)

Scholar Award: Gabrielle Reifsnyder


Most Valuable Player: Mattea Penner

Scholar Athlete: Regan Donato

Sportsmanship Award: Kayla Witter


Most Valuable Player: Eli Gregoris

Scholar Athlete: Wade Barrick


Sportsmanship Award: Wade Barrick

Rick Gilliam Memorial Award: Adam DeGregorio

Ben Bloser Cross Country/Track Award: Ian Ward

JT Kuhn “All Things Are Possible” Award: Brock Piper and Gavin Pritchard

Ken Devor Memorial Award: Brock Piper

Booster Club Awards 

Athletic Scholar Award: Ian Ward and Alex Kutulakis

Athlete of the Year: Gavin Pritchard and Allison Frick

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