Jaymee Lee’s Quick Stop

Jaymee Lee Gruver, owner of Jaymee Lee’s Quick Stop on Doubling Gap Road in Newville, waits on Ron Russell, left, and Dewaine Finkenbinder Saturday, during the store’s opening day.

Five years of hard work was met with many rewards Saturday at Jaymee Lee’s Quick Stop on Doubling Gap Road in Newville. 

A steady stream of customers were greeted warmly by owner Jaymee Lee Gruver, who also owns Jaymee Lee’s Diner in the borough, as they ordered their lunch and purchased snacks and groceries. Saturday marked the store’s opening day, and the community was excited to support the business.

Gruver said they redid the entire inside of the store, which is located in the former Diehl’s convenience store building at 348 Doubling Gap Road. They also had to wait for Department of Environmental Protection approval -- due to code changes with well water guidelines -- before opening their doors.

“We redid the ceilings, lights, floor, put three walls up and completely redid our kitchen,” she noted. “We added countertops and put a window in for food orders. None of this was here before.”

Gruver said they wanted to open the store to give residents options on the outskirts of town.

“We wanted to give more people service out here and help more people who don’t want to always go into town, even though it’s only a mile away. It’s convenient for a lot of people who live out here. We also wanted to open for the campers. There were a lot of campers eager for us to open.”

Gruver has owned Jaymee Lee’s Diner at 8 S. High St. for the past seven years, and is extremely thankful for the community’s support of both of her businesses.

“They were lined up this morning to come in,” she said during lunch Saturday. “And we only posted at 10:30 last night that we were opening. They are really supporting us. They know how the diner is run, and they know they will have good service here.”

The Quick Stop has 10 employees, and offers a full menu of made-to-order items, including breakfast sandwiches (served all day), appetizers, subs, wraps, pizza and meals. Gruver said the Quick Stop offers more of a variety than the diner does.

Popular items Saturday included cheesesteak and cheeseburger subs, and grilled chicken and fish sandwiches with French fries.

The Quick Stop also offers a number of foods for convenient snacking needs, like chips, pretzels, candy, beef jerky and other items, as well as grocery items like milk, bread and eggs. Coolers line some of the walls, filled with a plethora of drinks, and coffee machines provide customers with their needed caffeine fix. Rolled tobacco products can also be purchased at the Quick Stop, along with packs of cigarettes and cans of chewing tobacco.

Soda fountains are currently not in operation due to the coronavirus pandemic, and customers are required to wear face coverings upon entering the store.

Gruver said the pandemic didn’t stop customers from visiting the Quick Stop, but it has really hit the diner hard.

“Business at the diner is down 80 percent right now,” she noted. “We were open the whole time for carry out, but it just wasn’t enough. We had to cut people. We are now open for dine-in service for 50 percent capacity, Tuesday through Friday.”

Chesnie Hosfelt of Newville ordered her lunch Saturday, and said she couldn’t wait for the store to open. She added she would be back regularly to support the business.

Ron Russell of Newville and his friend, Dewaine Finkenbinder of Gettysburg, were also in line to order their lunch.

“We were glad to see that it’s finally open. We will definitely support them,” Finkenbinder noted.

Many customers took to the Quick Stop’s Facebook page over the weekend to rave about the food and service they received, and note that they will definitely return to try more items from the menu.

Gruver’s mom, Susan Walker, said it’s been a long road and they are very excited to finally be open.

“The community has supported the diner, and now they are supporting this. It’s kind of overwhelming!”

Jaymee Lee’s Quick Stop is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday. July 4 hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

To place food orders for pick-up, or for more information, call: (717) 776-7800. Visit the Facebook page for updates and to view the menu. The store also has takeout menus to go.

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