American Legion Redskins

Shippensburg Midget Football League’s American Legion Redskins won both the varsity and JV championship this fall. The Redskins’ varsity players include: Brayden Mitchell, Dakari Motter, Bray Ochs, Dushawn Hughes, Blake Herman, Chance Gunder, Isaac Mizhquiri, Thomas Johnson, Aiden Foust, Gabriella Mizhquiri, Cole Trn, Brady Maciejewski, Carey Berdanier, Jah’cere Thompson, Kody Rotz, Noah Garvin and Collin Dupy. JV players include: Brayden Armolt, Rylea Diehl, Kailan Motter, Landon Armolt, Raegan McCoy, CJ Kaspar, Brennan Courtney, Levi Maciejewski, Dakota Whisler, Christopher Sprow, Benjamin Appenzellar, Gage Betoney, Chase Crusey, Brayten Kranz, Benjamin Rose, Jaxson Porter, Alexyah Scott, Aivien Thompson and Sean Smith.

There was no mistaking who the best team was in the Shippensburg Midget Football League this fall, as the American Legion Redskins’ JV and varsity squads both capped perfect 8-0 seasons with wins in the Super Bowl Sunday, Oct. 18, at Tiger Stadium in Cleversburg.

The Redskins varsity defeated the Eagles 6-0 in a very hard fought, back-and-forth defensive contest. Much of the game was played in the red zone, but the only team to breakthrough was the Redskins, scoring a touchdown right before halftime. The Eagles tried to change up their game plan during the second half, but they were unable to punch the ball into the endzone against the Redskins’ defense.

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