The Minnequa Lions defeated the VFW Eagles 27-13 in Shippensburg Midget Football League's Championship Game Sunday evening at Tiger Stadium in Cleversburg. The Minnequa Lions include: Jayden Taylor, Hayden Breon, Alex Keeseman, Landon Stine, Justin Horne, Jayden Stewart, Jacob Stewart, Drake Welsh, Zach Sheaffer, Carson Hetrick, Dre Kipe, Lucas Strayer, Jenye Statum, Chase Holtry, Jason Dagenhart, Troy Chamberlin, head coach Clint Fogelsanger, offensive coordinator JT Frey, defensive coordinator Fred Keeseman, special teams coach Matt Chamberlin and student assistant Hunter Coyle. Not pictured: Noah Cornett.

The American League Redskins defeated the VFW Eagles 13-6 to win Shippensburg Midget Football League's JV title Sunday at Tiger Stadium. The JV Redskins include: Landon Armolt, August Concepcion, Chance Gunder, Aden Minnich, Isaac Mizhquiri-Trembly, Brady Betz, Collin Dupy, Noah Garvin, Dushawn Hughes, Brayden Mitchell, Dakari Motter, Damarion Preston, Kody Rotz and Damian Snyder. Coaches are Josh Wolfe, Then Rotz, Shane Clark and Jeremy Stouffer.

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