Learn about rattlesnakes, their movement and den areas before entering the mountains. Rattlers aren’t typically found on rocks this time of year, but this one was coiled up on one near Long Pine Reservoir recently.



Not knowing something isn’t the same as not wanting to know when something changes. I always thought or was told that rattlesnakes didn’t leave their den areas until the last threat of frost was gone, and I didn’t give much thought to where I walked in the mountains until after Memorial Day.

That was until I met Jim Chesney, the son of another Jim Chesney whose ancestors owned the mill at the head of Big Spring. The father designed the Thompson-A fly tying vise and manufactured it in his Chicago machine shop. He also built a Herter’s vise for the old Herter’s catalog. Along with that, he manufactured reloading dies for companies such as Lee Precision.

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