Ruffles came up lame the day after Christmas, so we haven’t been hunting her on pheasants and rabbits or ducks, which means we’ve been spending more time with her on the couch, and the cat in my lap in the lounge chair near the fireplace. It also means our pile of cherry cord wood on the porch is going down quicker, while I re-read some books from my bookshelf.

Her front paw seems to be doing better, but if I watch closely, I still see a bit of lameness after she runs with me out to get the mail. On a straight walk, if I remember right, it’s about 700 feet or about 300 steps each way, but often we walk down to the creek and then swing around on one of our paths that I keep mowed. So, figure somewhere around a half a mile or maybe a little better unless it’s raining hard or a sharp wind out of the north blows in our face.

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