We drained the water from the storage tank on our little motorhome and emptied the cupboards of any liquids, such as dish soap, salad dressing and drinks from the refrigerator. We still need to pump RV antifreeze through the water lines and put what’s left from the last gallon down the sink, tub and toilet drains and it will be ready for winter. Oh, I almost forgot I need to pour some Stabil ethanol protectant into the gas tank.

The outboard on the pontoon boat will need the oil from the lower unit drained and replaced with fresh oil. Oil drained from the motor needs to be replaced with fresh oil, and I should probably replace the four spark plugs this year. Most mechanics recommend changing them every year, but I’ve found every other year works for us since we don’t use it a lot. Oh, we’ll need to drain the gasoline from the tank and squirt some Stabil into the little that’s left.

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