So is it just me or did others notice that the “Christmas in July” push started in June this year?

Doesn’t that make it Christmas in June and what is the point, anyway?

And about July. There are a couple of holidays that we celebrate in this nation that are just too important to be limited to one single day. Those special holidays are Christmas and Independence Day. Both have gigantic build-ups, then in one single 24-hour period, they’re over. Each should be extended to at least two days, if not three.

For decades I’ve thought that our community’s Fourth of July fireworks celebration should be held July 3. Since most working people have July 4 as a day off, fireworks on July 3 would be a great kick-off to the holiday and early risers could sleep in the following morning. I also suspected that we could get a discount by NOT having them on the Fourth, thus we’d get more “bang for our buck” by having them early.

This year, we’re having them on July 5, and I love the idea. However, this is the age of social media and evidently a lot of folks disagree.

It seems that Roxbury was the site of a family festival last weekend and there were fireworks June 29. Facebook was then flooded with people fussing about no advance notice, pets were scared and and some dogs and cats ran off.

Respondents said the activities were listed on social media, printed posters, etc., just like most fireworks displays are announced/advertised. The good that resulted from this was that pet owners shared numerous methods they’ve tried for keeping their furry friends calm during the noisy displays. The bad was simply that you can’t please everyone all the time.

Over the past nearly two and a half centuries, Americans have adopted the custom of setting off fireworks, firing guns and generally making noise to celebrate our nation’s independence.

There’s no question that we citizens have an affection for fireworks displays in any season.

They’re a crowd pleaser at all manner of places and events: fire company carnivals; most towns, villages, and cities; amusement parks; Niagara Falls; sporting events. Having taken into account that people have PTSD from a variety of causes and that it is no laughing matter; that animals are frightened by the loud, unnatural noises and the bright, flashing lights and may react to said distractions in unpredictable ways; that little children can be startled/alarmed by the same and may cry to express their discomfort; and fully accepting that many people arise early to work and consider all the commotion unsettling, here is some startling news: It’s summertime, and nearly the Fourth of July. If you were absent from school all 1,776 times that this was mentioned, it was July 4, 1776, that the original colonies declared their independence from Great Britain, thus becoming a new nation.

And we celebrate this wonderful event annually with fireworks. Nearly every community in every state has a fireworks display. And every newspaper in the area lists these displays so they shouldn’t catch anyone off guard.

So here’s the deal. If you are a traditionalist and must have your fireworks on July 4, go to a place that has a display on that night. If you’re a real fireworks fan, you can enjoy them at

The Carlisle Fairgrounds July 3, at Chambersburg July 4, and in Shippensburg July 5.

If you’re one of those backyard “set off your own” types, it would be kind if you’d notify your neighbors of the impending celebration and subsequent noise. This would give folks in the

immediate area time to prepare for the possible discomfort of people and pets. Some of us old folks may want to get our evening naps in early, too.

If you live in Shippensburg and you’re complaining “The fireworks have ALWAYS been on the Fourth,” rest assured that the world will not end because our fireworks are being set off on July 5.

Independence Day is supposed to be a fun, family time. With celebrations starting Wednesday and continuing into the weekend, there will be plenty of time to enjoy our freedoms.

And, unfortunately, plenty of time for the Facebook complainers to complain. Freedom of speech for all!


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