Do you ever tune in the news or pick up a newspaper and wonder what’s going on in this world? Not talking about the high temperatures and higher humidity that’s plagued us this summer. Although heat waves can put humans out of sorts, as it were, and make us a little cranky, I don’t think we can blame the latest episodes of thoughtless inhumanity on the weather. If that were the case, we’d have annihilated each other long ago.

It would appear that what’s driving this current round of heinous nonsense can be blamed on anger and the inability to control it.

There are two American teens in custody in Italy for allegedly stabbing a policeman to death. A judge involved in the case has been quoted as saying the young men displayed a “total absence of self-control.” As the story goes, they were involved in a drug deal gone bad. What would possess someone to complicate the matter by stabbing a man to death?

On Saturday, a block party that’s been held in Brooklyn, New York, since 1963 was shot up and at least one person was killed and a dozen or so others wounded. Pure speculation here, but maybe the shooter wasn’t invited and became angry enough to take it out on the crowd as the celebration came to an end.

In Philadelphia over the weekend, one person was killed and five wounded at what was to be a rap video production. Was the shooter in this case angry because he wasn’t asked to take part in the video or because he didn’t like the song?

On Sunday, the Gilroy Garlic Festival, held annually since 1979 in California, was interrupted by a young man who claimed to be “really angry.” Three people died because of his anger,

including a 6-year-old boy with a beautiful smile. At least a dozen more people were injured because of the shooter’s “anger.” So far, I’ve heard that he was upset over the food prices at the festival. Wouldn’t it have been better to grab a snack at home before going to the festival or heading to Mickey D’s afterward?

Seriously, how angry do you have to get to shoot randomly into a crowd? I doubt that he was angry with the little boy who died or the 13-year-old girl that he killed. What did the others do to incur his wrath? Nothing of course.

Closer to home is the story about a road-rage incident in which a driver threatened to kill another driver and was so angry that he bared his genitals. Can’t for the life of me figure out how he thought that would help! I sure hope there’s no video footage of that!

Anyway, it would appear that many of us Americans have anger issues.

Now that we’re preparing for the start of another school year, perhaps we should consider adding anger management classes to the curriculum. A good age to start this would be pre-school or kindergarten. Imagine what a wonderful world we could have if everyone learned to channel their anger into good instead of death and destruction.

Personally, I’m a bit miffed that summer is coming to an end. What’s the best way for me to deal with this anger without hurting any innocent bystanders? I could walk through the house, stubbing my toes against every piece of furniture. That would teach me a lesson!

Better yet, I’ll take it out on the cat. I’ll catch her then kiss her tiny pink nose until she scratches me and draws blood. No, wait! That would make me angrier.

Think I’ll just make a tall iced coffee and sip it slowly. Yeah, that’s the ticket to anger management!


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