Recently in the news: (Texas) Teen takes ice cream from shelf, opens container, licks ice cream, puts it back on shelf.

More recently in the news: (Louisiana) Man takes ice cream from shelf, opens container, licks ice cream, puts it back on shelf.

Is there a point to this nonsense or are these people simply too stupid to exist in the general population? Talk about disgusting! Furthermore, that’s a sinful waste of good ice cream!

Rented textbook not returned by due date, student’s father charged nearly $4,000. Seems times have changed since I was in college. Today’s students can rent their textbooks, but they’d better be returned when they’re due or a $70 book could end up costing thousands. The company that rented the book charged the debit card belonging to the student’s father $3,800.

It was a mistake, of course, but the poor guy had to go through a gaggle of “company policy” tales to get his money back.

Feds seize ship involved in 20-ton cocaine bust. Aside from greed, what would possess anyone (But in this case probably a lot more than any one person!) to arrange to “hide” 20 tons of cocaine on a cargo ship and think it won’t be found? Think about the enormity of this operation. The cocaine had to be packed into containers, loaded onto a ship, transported to

Philadelphia, unloaded, then what? Was someone going to open a “get your cocaine right here” pop-up shop on the streets of Philadelphia? A fine example of not using your brain for its intended purpose.

Man sentenced to 15 years in prison for “burritos.” OK. They weren’t really burritos. They were packages of meth disguised as burritos and in a bag on the floor of his vehicle’s backseat.

Authorities discovered the non-burritos when they pulled him over for erratic driving. Perhaps he had skipped lunch and chose to sample one of those packages. Stupidity raises its ugly head again. Maybe he could have convinced the police that the packages actually were burritos if he had used burrito scented air freshener in his car. Duh!

Before you know it, school bells will be ringing again. We all want students to be diligent in their studies, to learn as much as they can. Some learning, however, must be done at home. For instance, youngsters must be taught right from wrong.

It is WRONG to lick ice cream or anything else and put it back for some unsuspecting shopper to buy. (Soon, all ice cream manufacturers will be forced to put those annoying plastic seals on every container.)

It is WRONG to attempt to sell illegal drugs, whether loaded on a ship or wrapped as burritos and stuffed in your car.

It is WRONG to rent a book and not return it on time. You probably won’t be charged $3,800 for it, but you never know.

There’s an easy bottom line to remember: Don’t be stupid! This is not the way to make headlines!


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