Over my many years of aunthood, I’ve tried to pass on a few ideas that I think are worthy of adopting.

One of the most fun deals with shopping and it’s simple: “Always check the ‘clearance’ and ‘sale’ racks first.” Why pay full price if you don’t have to?

Watching any of the nieces and nephews search the sale racks brings a smile to my face. Occasionally, however, I think the lesson has been learned too well.

Aunt Bo was in the pharmacy line when tall nephew announced that he was: “Going to check out the garden center.”

“Isn’t growing season about over?”

“You never know what you might find,” he said and was off.

Shortly he returned. “Do I need to take the cart to the garden center?”

“No,” he said. “I need the car keys.”

He had purchased, with his own money, eight bags of mulch. “It was so cheap!” he exclaimed.

“Did we need mulch?” I asked, clueless. He reminded me that he needed mulch for the flower bed.

A week later, we were at the same place and we had a repeat. This time he used his hard-earned cash to buy numerous bags of peat moss at a price so low, he couldn’t pass it up.

“Do you know what peat moss is?” he inquired, eager to teach me some science.

“Yes, and there could be a dead Scotsman’s remains in that peat moss.”

“It’s from Canada.”

“Ever hear of Nova Scotia?” I asked. “Could be a dead Canadian Scotsman’s remains.”

He was having none of my nonsense and loaded bags into the car.

A few days later he informed me that he wanted to go to Lurgan Greenhouse: “They’re having a sale.”

“What could we possibly need? We have a 10-year supply of mulch and peat moss and you planted perennials in the flower beds!”

“You never know what you might find.”

We went to the greenhouse. Sure enough, he found some bargains, including a couple of pepper plants with large, beautiful, fully ripe peppers. He picked out a few more perennials, too.

As we pushed our loaded cart to the cash register, a warm, fuzzy feeling came over me.

Evidently when we old folks “preach” at the youngsters, some of it

actually sinks in!

Will wonders never cease?



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