Last week’s early snowstorm stirred up some negative thoughts and comments, and with this being Thanksgiving week, I was moved to contemplate the number of thankless jobs people have. Each is a job I would not want to have.

First job I don’t want is that of deciding when to cancel school, start school late, or dismiss school early. When a winter storm is forecast, thousands of people are eagerly awaiting the announcement about school and work. I imagine school bus drivers waking each hour and looking outside to check on the precipitation and the temperature. Kids get all wound up. Parents need to plan transportation, child care, what have you. And while everyone wants to know as soon as possible, there’s no way to please all of them. If school is canceled early (as it was last week), at least one person will say, “They could have waited until a flake fell!” If school isn’t canceled early, the cry is: “They knew what the forecast was. What were they thinking?”

That job is not for me!

Neither is the job of the poor decision-maker who must send out road crews. “To plow or not to plow” no doubt dances through the mind of those in charge. When the order to plow is given, the poor operator is the “goat.” Get too close to someone’s mailbox, the operator is declared a moron. Don’t get close enough, the operator is declared a moron. Plow the road/street and it piles up in front of someone’s driveway, parking space or sidewalk and the operator is declared a thoughtless, hateful moron.

Not taking that job, either.

There was plenty of blaming and finger-pointing over last week’s storm. But it seems there’s a common denominator. All problems point to the meteorologists.

A school district that opened on schedule and dismissed early, when snow was falling at more than an inch an hour and then couldn’t get the students home, explained that “inaccurate weather forecasts” caused the problem.

Seems to me that anyone who’s been on this Earth for more than 20 years should know that meteorologists are not in charge of making the weather. They just read a bunch of information that we uninformed folks can’t understand, then translate it for us so we have at least an idea of what to expect.

TV weather reports throughout the day Thursday were adjusting the anticipated snow totals as the storm progressed.

No, I wouldn’t want to be a meteorologist. There’s no way to win with a winter weather forecast, especially one that includes a storm bearing a substantial amount of snow, sleet and freezing rain.

Glad our schools were closed, but it’s only November and I wonder what’s ahead.


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