It was early last month when I gave into mob mentality and jumped on the “Game of Thrones” bandwagon, mostly at the urging of a particular young man.

For seven days, my throne was in front of the TV as I took in seven seasons of dark, sometimes chaotic, mysterious, outlandish, shockingly violent, thought-provoking entertainment.

To say I needed a scorecard to keep up with the characters would be an understatement, and I continuously struggled to decide if they were “good” guys or “bad” guys. Soon I learned that most of them are both. But some are obviously more bad than good. At one point, one of the most hated characters called another a “degenerate” and that made me laugh. He should run for president, I thought. Oh, wait, he’s the king. Hmm.

There was so much to learn and comparisons to today are inevitable!

Communication was primarily done by attaching tiny message scrolls to ravens and sending them “airmail” to the intended recipient, no stamp needed.

Prisoners are not well treated. In fact, cruel and unusual punishment comes to mind. Teeth are hideously bad or freakishly nice. (Did anyone look like Jaime Lannister in Medieval times?) There are weapons of mass destruction. Sword

Fights (if you can call them fights because often someone just lops off a limb or a head) are frequent. More than once I called on Inigo Montoya to appear but, alas, he did not.

There’s bullying to the max. Poor Tyrion gets no respect, but he does have the best lines in the show.

Brutality is a way of life. It’s so bad that I fast-forwarded the battle scenes. (I was later scolded for this.) How much slashing, hacking and gnashing is one viewer supposed to take, after all?

There are fire-breathing dragons, zombies (Are armed skeletons that live under ice considered zombies?), unsavory characters by the dozen, and giants.

When the characters aren’t chopping off heads, plotting to overthrow a ruler, being a scoundrel, and other things that can’t be listed, they’re throwing around statements like “promise me” or “I swear it” or “I took an oath.” As if those words actually mean something! (Hmm, just like today!)

Oh, and a couple of the characters have died and come back to life, not as zombies, but as real people. Go figure!

The show has to be very costly to produce. The budget for stage blood alone must be staggering.

Although I had been warned at the very beginning not to become fond of any of the characters, I couldn’t help myself. I like Samwell Tarly and Lady Brienne, but it took only one introduction for me to despise the unctuous Petyr Baelish.

By the time I’d finished binging all seven seasons, I’d missed the first episode of season 8. But I got caught up. Now every Sunday night I can’t wait to go back to the land of no morality, no civil rights, no women’s rights.

Just like watching the evening news.


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