Weather: One of the sharpest memories of my college days in the Hoosier State is the early morning sound of snow shovels scraping the sidewalk. There wasn’t usually much snow, but it was cold, very cold, and the sound was an unpleasant alarm clock. It was, however, informative in that it informed me that I’d need to wear boots to class.

This winter, the early morning wake-up call has been coming in the form of an actual phone message from the school district, informing the recipients of a delayed opening or a closing. My response to these robocalls is always, “Don’t have to get up early this morning!” But I’m already up and unable to go back to sleep, so that joy rapidly diminishes. Ah, winter!

Music: You know you’re old when you watch the Grammys and don’t recognize 90 percent of the performers, can’t understand the lyrics to the nominated songs, never heard most of the songs, and wonder what qualifies many of those songs as music. At this year’s show, it was nice to see that Dolly Parton and Diana Ross can still bring down the house.

While on the subject of music, I can’t for the life of me understand the appeal of some performers. I liked Miley Cyrus when she was “Hannah Montana” as a youngster, but I’m not sure of her singing ability. I also can’t figure out what’s special about Ed Sheeran or Adam Levine. Admittedly, this is coming from someone with absolutely no musical ability.

Facebook: This is a place to share things and that’s wonderful. But some users feel the need to “share” words of wisdom such as Bible passages, motivational statements (In pre-Internet days we plastered these on walls in the form of posters. Think of the dangling cat in the “hang in there” posters.) by the dozen.

Could we cut that number down to two a day, please?

And must we disagree over everything on Facebook? Nastiness is ugly. Poor grammar is ugly, too, and I especially get a chuckle over the posts by those condemning the schools, administration and teachers when the diatribes are laden with bad grammar and poor spelling. Negates anything they have to say and makes me wonder if they’ve ever been inside a school.

Taxes: It seems people are complaining about the “promised” tax cuts as they file their returns and discover that they aren’t getting a refund, or are getting a small refund, or owe more tax money. Pretty good rule of thumb to follow on this subject is simply, “Don’t ever believe you’re getting a tax cut.” That way, you won’t be disappointed.

Candidates: Here we go again! People you never heard of are announcing that they’re running for president. I’ll hold my applause until all the skeletons in their closets are discovered.

Oh, it’s been such a long winter!


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