The Midterm Elections are coming up in days, and I hope all citizens with exercise their constitutional right to vote and help make informed decisions about who will run our government.

A new face running for the U.S. House of Representatives, District 13 Pa., is Brent Ottaway. I have found him to be a man of action and integrity with the goals of listening to each constituent and making communication an essential ingredient of his run for office. Brent is a well-qualified Democratic candidate. He earned a B.A. in Communication Arts from Grove City College and obtained an M.A. in Journalism from West Virginia University. He is a faculty member of St. Francis University and has served as Dean of General Education, Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Letters, and President of the Faculty Senate. Brent’s long list of volunteer and leadership roles in community work and service has given him a broad overview of Pennsylvania issues. Brent’s communication experience and skills have encouraged him to bring people from varied backgrounds and experience into the conversation, brokering relationships and collaboration that help everyone involved. Brent lives in the Hollidaysburg area with his family.

Brent has also made the commitment to be available to his entire constituency regardless of their party affiliation. I have found that this was not the case with Congressman Bill Shuster. The new Republican candidate is John Joyce, who is running for this same office. He is using the Shuster strategy of avoiding the opponent and counting on the number of Republicans in the district to carry him to victory. This sets a sad precedent.

Whoever you choose, please vote on Nov. 6.

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