Dr. John Fague

Dr. John Fague of Shippensburg, a World War II veteran and retired veterinarian, is seen holding a cat in All The King's Books in downtown Shippensburg. This photo can be found in Fague's book, 'Do You Remember?: A Collection of Articles by Dr. John W. Fague, Book II.'


In my 50 years in the veterinary profession, I have declawed many cats. I would not think of declawing a cat without first giving it anesthesia. I couldn't believe when I read the state of New Jersey is thinking of banning declawing cats. The bill has passed in the House, but is still waiting for Senate approval.

One-third of a centimeter of pentobarbital given subcutaneous is all it takes to put a cat to sleep so that you can declaw the cat painlessly. I could not think of doing it without putting the cat to sleep because the cat would fight and bite me, and I would not blame it.

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