Ch. Fenway Freckles of Beaconwood, Shippensburg, started her journey over the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday, April 27, 2020, when she succumbed to an aggressive cancer.

She was 15 years old, and well known to many people in Shippensburg and vicinity.

She is survived by her new baby sister, Sagi Classique Piper of My Heart, a 6-month-old Briard puppy (Service Dog in training), and her partner, Patricia Bowser.

Freckles led a very active life. She began as a Service Animal for her longtime partner, Patricia Bowser. Patricia has epilepsy and when a seizure was coming on, Freckles would circle her legs. When Patricia would have night terrors, she would touch her cheek until she awoke and then cuddle with her to calm her down. Recently, in the middle of the night, there were two minor fires in the apartment building. Freckles woke Patricia as soon as the alarms went off.  

Later, Freckles received her certification as a therapy cat and spread her healing arts to a greater range of people with KPETS out of Lancaster. She was able to identify whatever physical or emotional problems a person had, and address them directly.  Freckles also recognized people when she would see any of her therapy people on the street. In her career as a Therapy Cat, she touched well over 3,000 people.

Miss Freckles, as many people called her, enjoyed crowds of people, the larger, the better. She was a frequent sight at the Shippensburg Fair, from the time it opened until the moon was high every day. She would be wearing one of her cowboy hats, different glasses and a different dress every day. She loved the animals like the horses, cows and goats. After visiting them, she was always covered head to tail with slobber from the kisses they gave her. But the high point of the fair for her was always the people who stopped to pet her and say hello.

Freckles also attended the Corn Festival, Solstice Fest, and many of the other fairs and festivals to meet people in the area.

Since her partner is Scottish, a favorite was the McClain Celtic Fair when Freckles got to wear her tartan.

The first Friday would find her at SHAPE Gallery enjoying the artwork of each new exhibit. She would glance at some, and others she would stare as though she was critiquing the work. Occasionally, she would stop into The Harbor for some relaxation, but her time for relaxation got less and less.

There was one area in which Miss Freckles was not the cheerful outgoing cat who loved everyone. In cat shows, she hissed from the moment she entered the door. Not at the people, just at the cats. It was like she was saying, “You told me I was Best in Show. Now, get these other second-rate creatures out of here!”  However, she did attend two shows. She was awarded the title of Champion, received enough points for Grand Champion, but lacked winning on three stages, and received Best Cornish Rex in the Mid-Atlantic Region (NY, NJ, MD, PA, DE, VA, W.Va.).

Freckles had a good and productive life. She touched many lives and will be greatly missed. If she touched your life, you can donate to a no-kill shelter, spay or neuter feral cats, or visit a shelter and play with the cats.

Of course, you could always adopt.

Good night, sweet Freckles. Thank you for sharing your life and love with us. Sweet dreams, little angel, and may flights of angels take thee to thy rest.

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