Katelynne Holtry

Katelynne Holtry waves to the crowd after she was crowned Little Miss Newville 2019 last Thursday at the Newville Lions Club Fair.


Katelynne Holtry was crowned as Little Miss Newville 2019 last Thursday evening.

Katelynne, 9, was among five contestants vying for the crown, with about 50 people in attendance cheering the girls on.

The other contestants were: Ava Cook, Ashtyn Gutshall, Ava Hutchinson and Kadynce Ochs.

A panel of three judges decided the winners in the pageant.                          

Each contestant introduced themselves, thanked their sponsors and announced their escorts. Next, they changed into their formal wear and answered a question they pulled randomly from a basket.

Katelynne’s question was, “What is your favorite animal?” She answered, “A turtle, because they are the most protective species and I like turtles a lot. When I grow up, I would like to be someone to protect the turtles.”

While waiting on the judges to tally their scores after all of the questions were answered, all contestants did the Chicken Dance on stage to entertain the audience.

This is the second time that Katelynne was crowned as area royalty. She was also crowned as Little Miss Shippensburg Fair 2017.

She said, “I’m excited this time, but it’s different than the first time I won. I wasn’t very excited at the Shippensburg pageant. I just sat there after they announced my name. I will do my best to support the Newville community as Little Miss Newville.”  

Her grandmother, Mindy Holtry, said, “I’m very proud of her once again. She likes the pageants, especially when she won the crown in Shippensburg. She couldn’t wait until she could hand out the ribbons to the winners for the 4-H Market Show. Both of her parents couldn’t be here tonight due to celebrating their anniversary.”

Katelynne is the daughter of Clinton and Amanda Holtry. A resident of Shippensburg, she has an older brother, Joshua. She just completed the 3rd grade at Oak Flat Elementary School where she earned the Good Character Award.

In her free time, she enjoys baking, swimming, crafting, reading, boating at Raystown, and caring for her 4-H animals.

She has a true passion for animals and aspires to become a veterinarian when she grows up. In the fall, she wishes to join the Oak Flat Elementary band. 

Christine Anderson, spokesperson for the Lions Club said, “There was a runner-up in each of the three pageants. This is for our reference only; the names are withheld just in case each queen couldn’t fulfill their duties.”




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