Chelsea Lianne (Reed) and Kristoffer James Heck, of Orrstown, a son, Kordelle John Heck, on May 11.



Daysia RayJean (Dorsey) and James Austin Holyfield, of Walnut Bottom, a daughter, Journey Elizabeth Holyfield, on May 16.



Danielle Mae Brownawell and Brandan Curt Older, of Newville, a son, Mattix Jeffrey Older, on May 7.



Nicolesha Lea (Scalia) and Shawn Patrick Monahan, of Chambersburg, a son, Callen Davis Monahan, on May 7.

Kristina Jean (Dice) and Trey Cee Weaver, of Chambersburg, a daughter, Violette Leanne Weaver, on May 7.

Tatishka Negron and Victor Torres Soler, of Chambersburg, a son, Victor Torres Negron, on May 7.

Laura (Wheatall) and Devin Mellott, of Chambersburg, a daughter, Emily Ann Mellott, on May 7.

Erin Marie (Diehl) and Eric Jacob Brennan, of Chambersburg, a daughter, Eliza Mae Brennan, on May 8.

Sarah Elizabeth (Baltimore) and Todd Andrew Holtry, of Chambersburg, a son, Finn Timothy Holtry, on May 9.

Hannah Snow (Lolley) and Ryan Michael Rebuck, of Chambersburg, a daughter, Olivia Elizabeth Rebuck, on May 10.

Kristen Elizabeth (Moran) and Jeret David Akers, of Chambersburg, a son, Benson Lane Akers, on May 14.

Aimee Noel (Voght) and Travis Ray Brindle, of Chambersburg, a son, Reginald Martin Brindle, on May 15.

Alexandra Margarita Ocasio and Connor Joseph Woodcock, of Chambersburg, a son, Jacob Carter Woodcock, on May 15.

Kierstin Joan (Young) and Jonathan Charles Stockum, of Chambersburg, a son, Gavin Charles Stockum, on May 18.

Kristen Jo (Borden) and Alex Justin Bobb, of Chambersburg, a son, Ezra James Bobb, on May 18.



Kellie Renee Strait and Joshua Lynn Leininger, of Fayetteville, a son, Joshua Lynn Leininger Jr., on May 8.

Brittany Joanna (Fahrney) and Brandon Ross Diehl, of Fayetteville, a son, Carson Lee Diehl, on May 14.

Cheyenne Marie Copello and Ashton Thorn Loss, of Fayetteville, a daughter, Ophelia Rose Loss, on May 15.

Trinity Rene Eyler and Travis Edward McCormack, of Fayetteville, a son, Aiden Ambrose McCormack, on May 16.

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