Andrew Neidigh of Newville has been fishing since he was 2 or 3. He recently decided to use his hobby and skill to catch trout to help feed Newville area families in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Neidigh, his father, Thomas Neidigh, and friend, John Heidler, have cast their lines into the Big Spring and area waterways to retrieve the limit of five trout per day since Friday. So far, Neidigh has caught 15 trout, and Thomas and Heidler both dropped off five trout each to help. Since Friday, the fishermen have helped feed seven families with members who are unable to work. Neidigh fillets every trout before he drops them off.

“I just really enjoy being able to help people out,” Neidigh said. “My wife and I are very fortunate that we are both still able to work. I know not everyone has that ability. I love fishing and thought catching some trout for those who currently aren’t able to work would be one way I can help a family out that is in need right now.”

Neidigh posted his idea on the Everything Newville Facebook page. Those unable to work who are in need of food have messaged him via Facebook Messenger to request his help. He said everyone has been very thankful for his help, and he has even received thank you cards from some.

Neidigh responds to the requests in order of receipt, and will continue to help as long as the need is there.

“I  can continue to go out and keep trout as long as I have requests from those who could really benefit from this,” he added. “I am typically a catch-and-release fisherman, but with everyone’s situation right now, I am more than happy to go out and catch trout for those in need.”

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