Editor’s Note: Attorney Carrie Hyams was chosen to appear on the November ballot for Common Pleas Judge in Cumberland County after candidate Kirk Sohonage had to withdraw from the race due to unforeseen family and financial obligations.

What would you like voters to know about you ahead of the Nov. 5 election?

I have dedicated my entire adult life to protecting the most vulnerable in our community. My experience makes me uniquely qualified to serve as Cumberland County Judge. Our next Judge needs broad-based legal experience, a strong legal mind and the right temperament to serve with compassion. For some candidates protecting our community is a slogan. For me, it’s been my way of life.

What have you learned about constituent concerns or needs since the primary?  

First and foremost, residents of Cumberland County want their families to be safe. We live in a great county that has low crime and fabulous communities. As Judge, it is my job to interpret the law and protect our county from predators. I’ve prosecuted child predators and defended our families, seniors and children as a lawyer. I’m now ready to protect them as a Judge.

If elected, what are you hoping to help change for the better and why?

As a Judge, it will be my job to interpret the law and protect the citizens of Cumberland County. I do not believe many changes need to be made. Our Judges do a great job and I will be honored to join them on the bench.

Are there any misconceptions about the judicial system that you wish to address before people visit the polls?

I am not sure of any specific misconceptions, but it is important for voters to know how important these judgeships are to our communities. Electing the right person with the right experience is as important now as it has ever been.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I have dedicated my life to protecting our families, seniors and children. Now I am ready to take that experience and passion to our Court of Common Pleas. It would truly be the honor of my life to serve our community as Judge.

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