Tucker Chamberlin

Freshman Tucker Chamberlin was the first Greyhound player to reach the 1,000 swing plateau this week during the Greyhound Swing Challenge.




In tough times, Greyhound baseball is still swinging.

Even with the current spring sports season on hold, the Hounds are staying upbeat and remaining active by competing against one another in the Greyhound Swing Challenge.

Shippensburg Area Senior High School varsity baseball coach Brian Etter started the weeklong challenge to get the team’s competitive juices flowing while they remain at home due to the state-mandated school shutdown.

“I wanted to keep the kids positive and working while we try to get through the virus,” Etter said. “It gives them something to do where they can go outside or into the basement and get their mind off what’s going on.”

The Greyhound Swing Challenge began Monday at noon and will run until Friday at 6 p.m. Etter is keeping tabs on each player’s progress and is providing updates on the team’s social media, posting videos taken by the players of them getting their swings in via tee or soft toss.

Freshman Tucker Chamberlin was the first player to reach the 1,000 swing plateau and topped the Greyhound Swing Challenge Leaderboard through Tuesday.

“Once I started posting the leaderboard it took off, these guys want to get out there and be competitive,” said the Ship skipper.

Keep up with the “Greyhound Swing Challenge” via the Greyhound baseball Twitter page: @ship_baseball.

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