The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many things to be put on hold for a while, not only nationally and statewide, but also in our personal lives and responsibilities. Due to the cancellation of meetings, seasonal changes, school closings, etc., this article about our most recent students of the month have been delayed much too long., for which the writer humbly apologizes.

These young ladies are missing important moments of their senior year due to COVID-19; to be recognized for their achievements should not be one of them!

Bailee Rowles was accompanied by her mother, Bobbi Rowles. Bailee has earned awards in both Varsity Soccer and Varsity Track and Field. She also had the honor of being the presenter for SASHS’ Veterans Day ceremony. In school, she is involved in the Gender and Sexuality Awareness Club, Future Farmers of America Science, and is the Student Ambassador at Career Technical School. Out of school, Bailee works part time at the library as a page keeper, plays indoor soccer during the winter and works as a kennel technician at the pet store. This last activity is very appropriate, as she plans to attend veterinary school and continue her education as a veterinary neurologist.

Leah Thompson is the daughter of Andrea and Donald Thompson. Leah is in the National Honor Society, the founder and leader of the Greyhound Ambassador Club, and leader of the Hugh O’Brian Youth Seminar. She is a member of the color guard in the marching band, and a crew member of the drama club. Leah enjoys her church activities, playing the drums, hanging out with her friends and caring for children.

After she graduates this year, Leah’s plans are to get a job in a daycare, after which she plans to continue her education.

Kendra Kent was accompanied by her mother, Janet Kent. Kendra’s honors include being senior class treasurer, drama club secretary, and a member of the Greyhound Ambassador Club. Out of school, Kendra was crowned the 2019 Cumberland Ag Expo Queen. She is also a member of the Grange, a counselor at Camp Yolijwa, volunteer at ESTEEM, and has volunteered at Reach Mission Trips. She also enjoys quilting, reading, watching movies and spending time with family and friends. Kendra plans to get her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and become an actuary or pursue a career in the math field.

Delaney Gallagher, daughter of Christine and Sean Gallagher, is a member of the National Honor Society and is a sports medicine student, as well as a member of the band. She enjoys attending sporting events and kayaking. She is involved in Young Life and enjoys spending time with her family, their two dogs and her friends.

Delaney will be attending West Virginia University to major in nursing and minor in psychology.

Congratulations to Bailee, Leah, Kendra and Delaney!


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