Bottled Water Donation

Representatives from Route 11 Cruz’n, the Newville Pepsi Cola Plant and Vigilant Hose Co. of Shippensburg stand with a pallet of bottled water, all wearing masks. Route 11 Cruz’n and Pepsi Cola Plant donated the water to the fire companies whose fundraising efforts were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Route 11 Cruz’n and the Pepsi Cola Plant of Newville visited the Vigilant Hose Co. of Shippensburg last Friday afternoon to donate a pallet of bottled water to the three Shippensburg fire companies and Shippensburg Area EMS.

A total of 60 cases were on the pallet, which was divided up between all the companies.

Adam White, of Route 11 Cruz’n, said, “We teamed up with Pepsi to give back to the Emergency Services Departments due to their fundraising events being down with the restrictions of the COVID pandemic. They all are frontline workers and are sometimes overlooked for what they do.”

Kait Walsh, general manager of Pepsi in Newville, said, “We wanted to show our support to our neighboring Shippensburg frontline people to keep them hydrated.”

A representative from each organization was present and thanked both for their donation.

“We want to thank Pepsi and the Cruz’n for their continued support of EMS, especially during this trying time,” Capt. Heather Franzoni of SAEMS said. 

Lt. Dylan Woonsam of Vigilant Hose Co., said, “It was really appreciated, especially with the weather getting hot as it is, we are going to need the water to keep our members hydrated on all of the calls they go on.”


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