The Shippensburg News-Chronicle remains committed to delivering quality journalism to the community and loyal subscribers and advertisers.

We have sadly had to make some tough decisions during these difficult times, and have amended our production schedule for The News-Chronicle. The paper will only be published on Thursdays, beginning this week, and continuing at least for the next four weeks. The Newville Valley Times-Star will continue to publish each Wednesday.

“This pandemic has hit small businesses hard, and our newspapers are no different. Please know we are working hard to continue to bring you quality journalism and the news you need and want to read as we all do our part in keeping the spread of the virus to a minimum. We have had to make some cuts where possible, and while it pains us to have to do this, we know we will pull through and come out better and stronger at the other end of the tunnel,” Managing Editor Denise Bonura said.

We hope you continue to read our print edition for all of your Shippensburg-area news. Our yearly subscription rates are very reasonable, and each paper is filled with articles featuring community members, school news and student athletes.

“Local journalists work hard each day to bring quality products to their readers, and we need your support so we can continue to offer our newspapers that we take great pride in. We can’t thank our loyal subscribers and advertisers enough for your continued support of The News-Chronicle and Valley Times-Star newspapers. Please stay safe during this time, and please follow the guidelines. Stay home as much as possible to keep yourselves and others well. We all need to band together -- from a safe distance -- so our lives can return to normal!”

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