Jacob Rauber

Junior Firefighter Jacob Rauber, 14, of Shippensburg, has been staying at the Vigilant Hose Co. when possible to help where he can during state-mandated school closures.

Shippensburg has some incredible teens who step up to the plate and help whenever and wherever it is needed.

Fourteen-year-old Jacob Rauber is a junior firefighter at Vigilant Hose Co., and since schools closed a few weeks ago amid the coronavirus pandemic, Jacob has been doing his part to help out, along with other volunteers at the firehouse.

Jacob is the son of Lori and Michael Rauber, and they are proud of the example he is setting.

“He has been staying at the firehouse and helping out where he can,” Lori said. “We are very proud of him wanting to help out in the community and not just sitting at home during such a difficult time for our community and the nation. There are definitely a lot of life lessons to be learned.”

Jacob answered some questions about his volunteer work with Vigilant Hose Co.:

How are you helping out at the firehouse?

We  have been cleaning, running calls and training in the firehouse. 

How are you all keeping protected during this time?

Using PPE, which is personal protective equipment, such as gloves and masks. 

What are you learning on a daily basis?

Engine company training and how to use universal precautions. 

Why do you enjoy being at the firehouse?

I like the environment and helping people on their worst day. I have always wanted to be in the fire department because of my neighbor Danny Byers, and I could finally join as a junior member when I turned 14 this past July. 

Do you have any messages for kids your age to get involved in something like this or anything as long as they do all they can to stay safe?

Get out and help out in your community in any way possible. 

What do you enjoy studying in school and doing in your spare time?

I really like science in school, and in my spare time, I play football and wrestle.

Thank you to Jacob, and all of the volunteers who are keeping the community running and safe during this time!

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