Area residents were still able to enjoy some of their favorite foods during what would have been fair week in Shippensburg last weekend.

Cumberland Valley Hose Co. recently held their second successful famous ground ox fundraiser during the month of July, and the food was a hit.

“The ground ox was the best seller at our stand during the Annual Shippensburg Fair”, said Lauren Ocker, wife of Fire Chief Dave Ocker of the C.V. Hose Co. 

Ocker added, “This was our second fundraiser event selling the ground ox, after teaming up with the members of the Vigilant Hose Co. this month. The first was a dinner type meal and the most recent one we sold ox and chicken corn soup in pints and quarts only. Both were a sellout.”  

According to Ocker, C.V. Hose Co. sold 240 gallon of chicken corn soup and 700 pounds of ox burger this past Saturday. The corn soup was gone by noon and the ox burger by 3 p.m. 

“We would like to say a big thank you to the local people of the community for their support and patronage. Also a shout out to both of the local Sheetz stores for the donations of bottled water,” Ocker said.

Sharon Lawrence of Shippensburg, one of the many customers, said, “Good service by the volunteers and I enjoy the ground ox.”

The Shippensburg Fair, which normally takes place the last week of July, was canceled this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

C.V. Hose Co. wasn’t the only organization holding a Fair Food Weekend Sale. Boy Scout Troop 120, Shippensburg Soccer Boosters and Newburg-Hopewell Volunteer Fire Co. also sold fair food to hungry residents, along with the Wheelhouse Cafe and Redemption BBQ. The Fair Food Weekend was organized by Downtown Organizations Investing Together (D.O.I.T.).

“Today, several of our food vendors are just about sold out. With tomorrow’s pre-orders, some may have to close down early. We are so grateful for the community coming out and supporting this. I only wish more could have participated, but it was a great opportunity for them,” Mayor Kathy Coy, D.O.I.T. board member, said. 

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