The water line replacement project along King Street has seen some delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, but work has resumed and the project should be completed by mid-September, according to Borough Manager Kevin Plasterer.

Three separate crews with Michael F. Ronca & Sons Inc. out of Bethlehem are currently working along sections of King Street to replace a 100-year-old water line, which could cause more delays than normal, Plasterer said.

The $3.1 million contract was awarded to the contractor last August, and work began earlier this year. The new ductile iron water main piping will make up about half the project’s total cost, according to a bid tabulation chart provided by the borough. This piping will connect to 274 King Street properties spanning from the intersection with Morris Street to the intersection with Walnut Bottom Road.

Weekly project updates are posted to the borough’s website at:

This week’s work included:

Monday July 27

Pipe Crew reconnecting hydrant at North Prince Street. Traffic impacts at North Prince/King.

Pipe Crew reconnecting services on the north side starting at Penn moving west towards Earl Street. Lane shift.

Tuesday, July 28

Pipe crew reconnecting services on the north side between Penn towards Earl Street. Lane shift.

Pipe crew Pipe crew installing line on North Earl in preparation for tie in the following week. Traffic lane impacts.

Pipe crew filling line between North Morris and Spring streets for testing.

Wednesday, July 29

Pipe crew reconnecting services between Penn and Earl, most likely will be on the south side now. This requires alternating  lanes of traffic.

Pipe crew stubbing in line for Clarion Hotel/University Grille. Actual tie in will be Thursday, Aug. 6, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Pipe crew line testing North Morris to Spring.

Thursday, July 30

Pipe crew reconnecting Penn to Earl on the south side, alternating lanes of traffic.

Pipe crew extending leg to South Earl across King. Expect traffic impacts at this intersection.

We have more crews on site next week (3+ crews), expect more traffic impacts. Also, this is underground construction; we continue to run into unknowns – expect changes to the schedule. Thank you all very much for your cooperation and your patience.”

Once the water line project is complete, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is expected to award the bid for the King Street paving project in September, with a notice to proceed issued in October. 

Plasterer said a lot of work, including storm pipe and ADA ramp replacements, needs to be completed prior to the paving project. The King Street paving project is expected to begin in spring of 2021.

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