United Way Donation

United Way of Franklin County, in partnership with Franklin County Library System, recognized 2013 Campaign Chair, Jim Zeger by donating the book ‘Everyday Calculus’ by Oscar Fernandez to public libraries throughout Franklin County. The donation was made in recognition of his dedication to service and the campaign. Zeger has served for four years as part of the board of directors of United Way and is known not only for his campaign and community leadership, but also his strong interest in the welfare of the community he lives in and his willingness to teach others as part of his efforts to serve.

‘Everyday Calculus’ was chosen because of the need for materials that support financial and mathematical literacy within our library systems. Long before coming to United Way, Zeger studied math at Juniata College and went on to teach mathematics at Maryland Correctional Institute. He also served for a number of years as part of the Tuscarora School District school board, and is very supportive and understanding of value of relating and connecting applied math to students. Bernice Crouse, executive director of the Franklin County Library System accepted the books and has placed them with each of the libraries in Franklin County, including the bookmobile, making them accessible for students and community members throughout the county. According to Crouse, this book fits perfectly with Pennsylvania Library Association’s PA Forward initiative, which highlights Financial Literacy as a key to economic vitality in Pennsylvania. Zeger is pictured here with Crouse, left, and Amy Hicks, executive director of United Way of Franklin County.

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