INVITATION TO BID Sealed bids will be accepted by the Board of Supervisors of Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, PA at 415 Three Square Hollow Road, Newburg, PA 17240-0414 for opening June 13, 2019. Bids will be opened at 5:30PM for the following: 1.) Hopewell Township Park Walking trail in the wooded area - approx. 740' X 8'. Overlay with Superpave 19mm binder course at 2" depth compacted. 2.) Old Firehouse Parking Lots located at 106 N. High St. - approx. 130' X 65' left side and 45' X 25' back side. Overlay with Superpave 19mm binder course at 2" depth. Your company is responsible for all preparation work to site prior to laying asphalt at 106 N. High Street location. Proposals must be upon forms furnished by the Municipality. The Municipality reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. The bids must be marked on the outside of the envelope with "Bid Proposal". Also, any other official business that comes before the Board at the Hopewell Township Municipal Building, 415 Three Square Hollow Road, Newburg, PA 17240 Kimberly S. Myers, Secretary, Board of Supervisors (717) 423-6582


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