PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE is hereby given that at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 29, 2020, a Public Hearing will be held by the Supervisors of Lower Mifflin Township at the Lower Mifflin Township Building located at 529 Shed Road, Newville, Pennsylvania 17241. The purpose of the Public Hearing will be to the review the 2020 Zoning Ordinance of Lower Mifflin Township which is an Ordinance including the Title, Purpose, Interpretation, Applicability, Municipality Liability, Disclaimer, Severability, and Repealer. It also includes the Definitions, "C" Conservation Zoning District, "A" Agricultural Zoning District, "R" Residential ZoningDistrict, "MU" Mixed Use Zoning District, Floodplain District, Supplemental Regulations, Criteria for Conditional Uses, and Uses Permitted by Right, NonConforming Lots, Uses and Buildings, and Administration, Permits, and Fees. Following the hearing, the Supervisors may enact this Ordinance. A copy of the Ordinance is available upon request by contacting the Lower Mifflin Township Municipal Office, at 529 Shed Road, Newville, Pennsylvania 17241 or (717) 776-6121. Marcus A. McKnight, III, Esquire IRWIN & McKNIGHT, P.C. Solicitor for Lower Mifflin Township


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